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Aintnoocameraman killing

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today around 4 to 5 hours ago i died due to a guy called aintnocameraman who tried to kill me after accidentally taking his enderchest

this is the following things that happened: Aintnocameraman had called me over to give me the enderchest back i did that. as i was repairing me elytra at the enderman farm he tried to kill me i didnt have things to defend me all had was a sword and armor so i jumped off the void and forgot i had my elytra in my off hand and died trying to put it on and fly away. I lost all my things and this would not have happened to me if aintnocameraman had tried to kill me. We also have a another report with schmillen saying that early on when he was getting started on the server aintnocameraman had griefed the enderman farm. i hope this is enough information to get a recall on my stuff

he also said this in chat:

Aintnocameraman: Now dont mess with my things again! (those arent exact words but he said something like that)

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