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Application Writing Guide and Helper Application Format

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There’s no shame in asking for help, which is why we’re asking for your help, in particular, we’re asking you to apply for the Helper position by submitting an application. The following will tell you all you need to know about what a Helper does and how to apply for a Helper position.

In essence, a Helper is an intern that works for us remotely and may be promoted to a paid position, though we can’t make any promises. You won’t be getting paid for the Helper position but you will get some cool perks that come with the position.

The following tips will tell you how to write a good Helper application but the same tips apply to writing any job application or a CV, so if we don’t end up accepting your application, you’ll be getting some cool knowledge on how to apply for a job or write a CV.

Have a friendly tone

We’re not robots and don’t expect you to write like a robot either (unless you are a robot, in which case beep-beep-boop-boop). Feel free to show some personality, originality and humor in your Helper application. We’re looking for a person with distinct tastes and motivations, so do show us what kind of personality you’ve got.

Show motivation

Working in any kind of position requires that you are motivated and can stay motivated without anyone having to coax you into doing what you promised to do. In short, you should have a burning passion for doing the job and tell us straight away if you do or don’t have it.

Showcase your skills

The Helper position requires certain skills, such as being fair and objective without emotions getting in your way. If you’ve had experiences where you did just that, let us know about them. Don’t be modest or timid but also don’t boast or exaggerate. Simply tell us how you were fair and objective in a random event that caught you unprepared.

Make your application presentable

Paragraphs are your friends. Break up walls of text into paragraphs and use subheadings, just like we did in this application writing guide. Place periods and commas where needed and don’t bold, italicize, underline or capitalize random letters and words.

Don’t use fancy fonts or colors; Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman in black color work just fine. Avoid fancy graphics as well since this is a simple application and we can’t expect you to spend hours of your life drawing charts and graphs. Spellcheck everything and try to avoid overloading the text with adjectives.

Be serious

As you write your application, you’ll get all sorts of random ideas on what to mention or reference. Stick to the original idea and don’t get distracted or you’ll end up writing about something completely irrelevant. This also means you shouldn’t be using any emoticons or emojis and for God’s sake, please no memes whatsoever. Emoticons, emojis and memes can be funny and quirky but they don’t belong in a Helper application.

Make your text flow naturally

Paragraphs in your Helper application should have some kind of connection between them that makes them read and flow naturally. If you mention a skill or an event, don’t just leave them unexplained but do go into detail about what you meant with those references. We shouldn’t be left wandering, “What did the author mean to say with that?”

Back up your claims

Whenever you claim something, try to provide some sort of data to back your claims. Yeah, we understand you can’t provide us with peer-reviewed studies but we’re not asking for them, but simply that you give us some kind of an example, even if it’s an anecdote. Let’s say you tell us in your application that you’ve got a sense of duty, so tell us an anecdote where you acted that way.

Tell us your story

We all have our stories that for the most part go untold. Try to tell us your life story and how your life shaped you to become the way you are. In most cases, it’s the hard parts that make us become better, so don’t be ashamed of telling us how you overcame some adversity or challenge. Trust us, you’ll encounter a lot of adversity and challenge working as a Helper, so the positive spirit and a sense of can-do will really go a long way.

Catch our attention straight away

You can count on there being hundreds, if not thousands of applications and they’ll all be reading pretty much the same, with the writer meandering and stumbling throughout the application. We can already tell what the writer is going to say as soon as we see the first paragraph, so catch our attention straight away. Your first paragraph should be the best one and really hook us in. If you can do that, you’ve guaranteed that someone will read your application all the way through.


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